Continuing the series I wanted to just highlight a few basic things about OTG.

OTG is easy to implement if the customer's general set up is not too complicated but there are some things that can interfere with it so when gathering information always be sure to check the following information:

Are they using a VPN

Are they using Anti-Virus software?
  • OTG works fine with most AV but we have noticed that it does not work with SentinelOne
  • In the case of Sentinelone they will need to create a path exception for OTG like in the examples below:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\WebTitan Cloud OTG
      C:\Program Files (x86)\WebTitan Cloud OTG\ WebTitan Cloud OTG.exe

Are they using IPv6?
  • IPv6 can also interfere with OTG so ensure that the customer has IPv6 enabled on both the router and workstation

Other checks in your first response:

Once you have checked the above 3 items also check the following:
  • Are they using Mac or Windows?
  • What version of the computer are they using?
  • What version of OTG are they trying to install and is it compatible with the device?

All of the above should be gathered in your first response as it makes it much easier to triage and it also makes it easier for TSGs in the event that the ticket is escalated.

Next steps:
  • Install the customer's OTG on your machine in your sandbox
  • Check to see if you can replicate the problem
  • Document your findings
  • Ask questions to the team